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dsc00930_400 KD Cloth - okay this cloth is simply amazing.  I picked a couple up at the Spencerville fair for $10.00, worth every penny!  You use water only to clean windows, mirrors, microwaves, glasses, windshields .. the list goes on and on.   I actually love to clean now!  No streaks, No spots, Lint Free and a Clean Green! Check out www.kdcloth.com to locate a distributor or 1-888-844-5868!
dsc00206-1_400 Allen's Double Strength Cleaning Vinegar A Greener Cleaner, Anti-bacterial Cleaning.  Use to remove mould, mildew, shower soap, scum and scale, deodorize drains, clean windows, glass, mirrors and floors.  Back Label provides tips for cleaning! Purchase at Food Basics $1.99.
dsc00147-1_400 Method Squirt & Mop wood floor Cleaner, Non-toxic, biodegradable surfactant, non-toxic solvent, fragance oil, under 0.1% preservative, not test on animals.  Purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart $6.99
july1-1_400 Natura Wonder Cloth made from 100% natural wood fibers, anti-bacterial, stays fresh no sour smell Purchase at Home Hardware. Cost $2.97
july_003-1_400_01 Borax Nature's Freshener borax is a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. Can be used for cleaning laundry, walls and floors, carpets, showers, tubs, toilet bowl, garbage and diapers.  Can be purchased at your local grocer. Cost $3.99
hpim0271_400 Natura Laminate & Hardwood Floor Cleaner made with Australian Tea Tree Oil and natural lemon scent. Available at Home Hardware.  Note: not all Natura products are created equal, some contain destructive chemicals.
you_care_016_400 Murphy's Oil Soap Wood cleaning, floors, cabinets, tables, chairs, bookcases etc.  Pure Vegetable oil. Biodegradable and phosphate free.  A great choice for cleaning.  Available at major stores or Home Hardware stores.  $2.49 to $3.69.

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